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Predator fish follow schools of baitfish around waiting for the moment one of those fish becomes an easy target.

The Bender triggers a predatory response because it imitates an injured or dying fish. Predators are opportunists and will always go after the easy kill.

The Science of Nature

The lateral line is a system of sense organs found in aquatic vertebrates, mainly fish, used to detect movement and vibration in the surrounding water. Predators use their lateral line to seek out the weak or injured prey. It is natural for a predator to spend the least amount of energy and reduce the possibility of injury to itself.


Lateral Line Lures combines the historically proven science of nature, with innovative new technology.

Innovative Technology That Mimics Whole Bait

The use of herring for bait is a historical fishing method used around the world. Over the years, fishermen have modified the action of the herring to act as wounded prey in an effort to catch more fish.  It is this erratic motion, sensed by the lateral line, that attracts predator fish to attack.

Whole bait herring can be a hassle to rig, can deteriorate over time and isn’t the best to be used when cast from shore or from a boat. The BENDER is a brand-new premium specialty fishing lure that is adjustable to imitate whole bait herring without the hassle of rigging. The BENDER has the flexibility to fish from shore, piers, boats or trolling!

The BENDER lure reacts like wounded prey, but without the time-intense process of rigging the bait!

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