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All of the BENDER lures must be used with a quality swivel. We recommend using Mustad® products with ball bearing swivels.

The lure is designed to roll and create flash which is the attractant. Whether you are casting or trolling the BENDER, the fish are not conditioned to this lure. It’s brand NEW so you can use it in heavily fished areas effectively!

The Bend that I like to use is hooks on the outside of the roll. It gives it a little better free fall when paused. I put the bend close to the center of the lure between the hook hangers. Initially I bend it to about 90 degrees then test it. You can then make slight modifications until you get the action desired. I also give it a little twist if I want to use it at higher speeds. The hooks have been specifically chosen so you can bend the lure “hooks in” or “hooks out”.

Casting Techniques that I like to use is casting it out and let it sink to the depth you want. I use many pause methods during the retrieve simply by stop reeling and let it sink as a dead or dying fish would. Most of the time the fish will strike at the pause but aggressive fish will strike at anytime during the retrieve. I really like working them in and around the weeds. Let them sink down on the weed edges and pockets within the weeds. The fish will strike aggressively if the lure is too close to them! It takes practice but when you learn to fish this lure slowly in the weeds it is very effective!

Trolling Techniques that I like to use is (2 swivels) with a 5’ leader, one snap swivel to hold the lure and one in line swivel 5’ up to the inline swivel. I like to use keel sinkers with different weights to achieve the depth that I want. The keel sinkers also give the lure more freedom to roll. I have effectively used rubber cores and snap weights with them as well. Using 2 swivels allows the BENDER to produce the best action. You can make your BENDER adjustments and test at boat side before you let it out to depth. If you are using multiple BENDER lures in your trolling spread you can bend them differently. This will give them different actions until the fish tell you want they want.

Hook Modifications If you ever have the need for hook modifications to go larger if you are going after big muskies for example; be sure to always have the larger hook on the tail or trailer hook. It is a weight distribution detail and the lure is designed to have a hook on the tail hook. Optionally, you can remove the front hook and the lure will still work fine.

Through the past few years of the developmental process I naturally became very passionate about this lure. I still own hundreds of other great lures that really catch a lot of fish; the BENDER is my new confidence lure!

~ Dan White

The BENDER is a brand-new premium specialty fishing lure that is adjustable that imitates a wounded baitfish. It catches Muskies, Bass, Salmon, Walleyes and Pike from shore, piers and boats using casting or trolling methods.

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